Ask An Orlando Chiropractor “What Is’ An Orthosis?”

An orthosis is a device used to cushion a limb and, consequently, improve its alignment and functioning. Orthoses can be applied on a foot or hand. Those used to support the foot are known as foot orthoses.

You can choose one of two types of foot orthoses; custom-made or prefabricated. Custom foot orthoses are designed just for your foot at the recommendation of a chiropractor.

Prefabricated foot orthoses are sold over the counter. They are made in different general sizes. You buy the one that fits your foot best.

Custom-made Vs Prefabricated Foot Orthoses

Foot pain can be caused by several factors such as arthritis, sprains, diabetes, or having a flat foot. The pain can get even more excruciating when you exert pressure on the foot while doing activities such as walking, standing, or running.

An Orlando chiropractor can offer you the solution for the pain and any alignment issues in your foot and the entire body. A simple misalignment of the foot can cause hip joint and spine problems.

It is essential to treat any misalignment or poor balance before it worsens. Here is everything you need to know about orthoses use:

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Custom made and Prefabricated Foot Orthoses


The best chiropractor Orlando associated with Clinic Care Plus, recommends using foot orthoses for people who are prone to frequent injuries, such as athletes and people who are on their feet for long hours. Some illnesses also cause foot pain.

Custom-made foot orthoses help distribute the pressure over the foot, thus reducing stress on one part or the joints. They help prevent injuries to the back, hips, knees, or legs.

On the other hand, prefabricated foot orthoses do not prevent injuries even if they offer a temporary cushion to the foot, reducing discomfort and pain.

Custom-made foot orthoses are therefore more effective and offer long-term relief and support.


When choosing a foot orthosis, you have to work within your budget while still ensuring that you get the best quality for that price.
Even though chiropractors recommend custom-made foot orthoses, they are more expensive than prefabricated orthoses for the apparent reason that they are made just for you.


If you are in a lot of pain and need urgent pain relief, you can visit an Orlando chiropractor who can help align your foot and design a custom-made foot orthosis.
In the meantime, you can use a prefabricated foot orthosis because it offers instant comfort, and you can access it faster than the custom-made foot orthosis, which has to be made for you, which can take a long time.

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At The Care Clinic Plus, we make effective custom-made foot orthoses for all sizes to help with the pain and support your foot in order to reduce injury risk. Call us today for quality foot orthoses.